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Dear artist/company,

I’m contacting you on behalf of Dolly Day, a doll event taking place in Barcelona next June 3rd.

We’ll be closing stand applications soon, but you still have time to join us!

You still can...

  • Join us at the event!

We already have a great list of artists and companies confirmed. Check out the full list of confirmed stand holders here: http://www.dollyday.es/indexeng/stand-list/

Don’t you want to join them? The second round of stand holders’ applications is still open! You still have time to fill the stand request on our website at: http://www.dollyday.es/indexeng/stand-request/

< >Become a sponsor!Even if you can’t come to the event, you can still participate in it! You can become a sponsor by sending us some of your work. The donated items will become either a prize for the big raffle or a prize for any other event activities.


All sponsors will enjoy the following perks:

PERKS: http://www.dollyday.es/indexeng/perks/

All the donated items will be arranged in a special exposition in the event. This way all visitors will be able to look at your donation!

*This profits come from the event activities, like the raffle. Meaning that the stand holders and/or sponsors don’t have the obligation to donate of their winnings from the event. However, any contributions to our sponsor list will be greatly appreciated.


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